We build student leaders who are in grade 5 to grade 10 to ensure that they are aware of the different possibilities available in the world. We support students on their journey to figure out “Why they learn” through role models and an enquiry-driven approach.


There is a lack of knowledge, understanding and skills about life-paths leading to low aspiration among children. According to the latest ASER report, 45% of youth feel that they have made wrong career and life choices

After working in 2 clusters of govt schools, we realised that the problem (be it discontinuing education or making poorly informed career choices) lies not just in poverty, but also in lack of inspiration, aspiration and awareness of different opportunities available to them. Students are not encouraged to design, think and develop an “I Can” mindset, instead are made to parrot through rote learning mechanism. Similarly, students are constantly told what they can’t become and what can go wrong, instead of developing an “Unstoppable” spirit. “Self Awareness” of students’ strengths & areas of improvement are not mapped to life-paths, instead they are told “What you should do” by all the stakeholders including the parents, teachers, school, relatives and the society. Students also lack access to inspiring role models to look up to. According to us, a role model is any person whose life or aspects of life inspire others to aspire for greater things.

A role model in our eyes display the following qualities

  • I Can (Aspires deeply)
  • I’m Unstoppable (Perseveres with I CAN mindset and accomplishes)
  • I’m Self Aware (The ability to define and pursue chosen life-path)
  • I Engage (Through actions or words)

We strongly believe that recognising their life-path at an early age can give children the strong roots they need to bloom where they are planted. As former President of India – Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam put it –

APJ Abdul Kalam

Purpose & Possibilities

KnowYourStar Book of Possibilities series is conceptualised to raise awareness among students about the different opportunities available to them by introducing role models in their lives. By sharing the stories of these role models, we aim to broaden the horizons of our youth, sow seeds of aspiration, and nurture strong dreams.

A set of “KnowYourStar” series currently has 5 volumes. Each volume consists of 10 stories of role models, who have made a strong impact in their chosen fields. The books have been developed with utmost care and lots of love, featuring simple explanations for complex professions for easy understanding. The books are peppered with individual and group challenges that nudge students to view the world differently. The special feature about the book is that the inside pages have been designed with beautiful hand-drawn black and white illustrations, to double up as a coloring book!

Be a part of our mission to ensure that every student has access to diverse role models. Encourage the future painters, astronauts, magicians, scientists, engineers, dancers and doctors to dream, build and achieve by making this book a reality!

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You can bring purpose and possibilities to every child who is studying in grade 5 to grade 10 through our programs!

‘A Day of Possibilities’ is a 2-hour program, that is designed in a way that invites students to dream big without hesitation. It helps students introspect on their existing strengths, weaknesses, interests, passion, values and skills, while nudging them to expand and explore topics outside their zone of familiarity. This is achieved by introducing them to 50+ role models and their different life-paths from the Know Your Star Book of Possibilities. The intention is to reaffirm the confidence in young children to dream, bring awareness of self and the different careers out there, and present them with the spirit that needs to be imbibed to make their dreams come true!

For enquiry, write to us at contact@knowyourstar.com

‘A World of Possibilities’ is a 3-month program, where students are taken through an exciting, engaging, hands-on journey of possibilities. The students not only get to explore their strengths, weaknesses, interests, passion, values and skills, but also get a chance to apply their understanding into action and grow their skill-set. During the course of the program, students get aware of 50+ role models and their diverse life-paths from the Know Your Star Book of Possibilities, meet and engage with some role models, and take up projects where every child becomes a role model by amplifying their superpowers! The intention of the program is to strengthen the perception that the world is a place brimming with endless possibilities waiting for us to tap into. It instils the need of being self-aware and the benefits of deeper investigation of the life-paths we are aware and unaware of.

For enquiry, write to us at contact@knowyourstar.com

We keep Government Rural Schools at the centre and work with Grade 6 – 9 children. We run a unique student fellowship model. In our program, we select students from class 8 & 9 as fellows, and take them through intense 2-year leadership program. We ensure that we have School Teachers as Collaborators for this program because our intention is to sustain our programs efficiently and effectively in school even after we exit after 3 years; teachers are the key. Collaborators are taken through teacher training modules and learning circles. We invite Community Members as Guardians and they head the coach circles which are conducted weekly. Role models participate as Mentors and we share stories of role models, run challenges, do activities, conduct field visits & talks, and organise counselling sessions with mentors on a fortnightly basis. With strict goals & well-organised calendar, we ensure that life paths can be defined, drawn and achieved by every child with the help of all stakeholders.

Currently, we are working in 2 schools, working with 200 children, where we implemented some pilot projects under the guidance of expert curriculum makers and program designers. We have had early success with pilots and are now entering ‘build phase’ this year with formal launch of fellowship. In the year 2018-19, we are planning to work in 11 schools with 1000 children. We are in the process of recruiting, selecting and nurturing 100 student leaders as fellows, who will be on a path to become a role model to the students around them.

For enquiry, write to us at contact@knowyourstar.com

We expose students to inspiring role model stories of people from different walks of life to introduce the different opportunities that are available to them. The stories give them a peek into the lives of well-known and unsung heroes who have excelled in their professions after resolving different challenges that life has thrown at them. In addition to expanding their horizons, these role models play an important role in aspiration-building. These kid-friendly stories are teamed with educational facts and interactive activities that nudge the students to get out of their comfort zone, explore new things, discover their passions, and figure out what they have an aptitude for. Click here to Buy now.

For enquiry, write to us at contact@knowyourstar.com